New Romeo & Juliet Radio Role

David will be joining the cast for a new production of Romeo & Juliet for BBC Radio.
As yet there's not much info available, although Actor Joe Sims will be joing him as mentioned in this interview with the Bristol Evening Post.
It's thought the play will be part of the BBC's Shakespeare Season. They issued the following press release at the end of 2011 about the project:
In Shakespeare And Love, BBC Radio 3 brings together two of Shakespeare’s best loved plays – one tragedy and one comedy – that both have love and the mad dance on which it leads us at their heart.

Romeo And Juliet and Twelfth Night will be performed by a single company of actors cast across both productions.
In Romeo And Juliet, the sweetest love story ends in bitter tragedy as the youthful and light-hearted protagonists find themselves embroiled in a darker story than they can ever have imagined.
In Twelfth Night, Shakespeare begins with death and unrequited love as a lady shuts herself away while mourning for her brother; and a duke declares himself sick with love only to find their melancholy overturned by witty deceits that lead to the happiest of outcomes for nearly all.
The 2011 production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Pier Productions, which was recorded in Sussex woodland) will also be repeated as part of Shakespeare And Love – and the programmes will be accompanied by a five-part series of The Essay in which five writers explore Shakespeare’s portrayal of love.

It's not the first time David has taken part in a production of Romeo And Juiet. In 2000 he appeared as Romeo in the Royal Shakespeare Company's version of the love story.
You can see a short clip below:
David will also be hosting Prefaces To Shaksepeare as part of the season. The press release says:
Hosted by some of our great actors including David Tennant, Derek Jacobi and Ethan Hawke, the Prefaces To Shakespeare will reveal the characters within and uncover the stories behind some of Shakespeare’s greatest plays.
It will unearth both the onstage drama and the backstage gossip of the golden age of British Theatre.

In the process it will reveal the life and career of Shakespeare in a totally new way and find out what the plays and their characters can mean to people today, revealing how they still have the power to shock, to make us laugh – and even to break our hearts.