Love Life To Have A New Title

The new David Tennant BBC1 drama Love Life is set to undergo a change of name after the BBC and ITV came to an agreement over who would use the title.

Both broadcasters commissioned dramas of the same title last year. The BBC series, created by Dominic Savage, consists of five semi-improvised overlapping stories set in Margate with a cast that includes David as well as Vicky McClure, Billy Piper, Ashley Walters and David Morrissey. The ITV drama is three episodes long, set in Manchester and was written by Bill Gallagher, who adapted Lark Rise To Candleford for screens.

ATV Today have reported that following amicable discussions the BBC have agreed to relinquish the title and rename their drama True Love, the name by which it was known when the first news of the production emerged. The drama is expected to come to BBC1 in late spring