First Episode Details For Tree Fu Tom

Tree Fu Tom, the new animated children's TV series featuring the voices of Sophie Aldred and David Tennant will be shown on CBeebies starting on Monday 5th March, with episodes shown each weekday.

Sophie Aldred gives voice to Tom, a young boy who is magically transported to the world of Treetopolis where he becomes a mighty superhero. Together with his best friend Twigs, an acorn sprite voiced by David Tennant (in his natural Scottish accent) they set off to save the world. Children are actively encouraged to join in with the Tree Fu movements that Tom uses to conjure up Big World Magic.

The BBC Media Centre have given a brief summary of each of the first five episodes:

On Monday, it's the Biggest Chuckleberry In Treetopolis Contest and Ariela and the Mushas are both determined to win the trophy.

In Tuesday's episode, Tom must bravely lead his friends in search of their 'Squizzle' lost in the garden of Rickety McGlum, a spider believed to be mean.

One of Zigzoos magical inventions spectacularly fails on Wednesday and he decides to quit inventing forever. Can Tom and friends get him to start inventing again to help Tom save the day?

Thursday sees Tom and Twigs head off for a frenzied, roller-coaster day when they swap Spell School for running Ariela's ranch.

On Friday a game of hide-and-seek goes awry when Squirmtum's fear of the dark causes a disaster. Can Tom help him overcome his fear in time to save Treetopolis?

The programme time has yet to be announced by the BBC