Your Favourite Tenth Doctor Story

We're running a poll to find out what the fans favourite Doctor Who episode featuring David Tennant is.
We'll be asking you to vote on our Facebook page here: over the next couple of weeks.
The episodes will be divided into categories with the top 2 from each category going up against each other in the finale.
We'd also like you to leave your comments and let us know which is your favourite episode and why!
One lucky voter will then be picked at random to recieve a box set of the Tenth Doctor's Specials including Planet Of The Dead, The Waters Of Mars and The End Of Time!


  1. My favourite is the ood episode with Donna and the doctor because it touched my heart and made me wanna cry xxx

  2. my favourite episode is silence in the libary and forest of the dead because it is the first appearence with River Song, Alex Kingston.


  4. I haven't seen all of Ten's episodes yet (!), and my favorite episode changes all the time based on my mood, but I think my favorite today is Utopia-Sound of Drums-Last of the Time Lords. I'm a sucker for the Master. :D

  5. "Blink" is a classic and will always be one of my favorites, but my favorite would probably have to be "42." This was the first episode when I fell in love with the whole series (I can even point out the exact scene when I was like, "Oh my gosh, David Tennant is a BRILLIANT actor!!!).

  6. SO MANY!!! But in the end, not enough :-( I'll have to say The Runaway Bride. Fast, funny and oh Lordy that final farewell scene.


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