Single Father's Canadian Debut Tonight

A reminder for Canadian fans that if you live in the Toronto area you will be able to watch David Tennant's 2010 drama Single Father, which has its series premiere tonight at 10pm EST. It is repeated at 1am EST on Wednesday 11th January. TVO have posted a preview clip on their YouTube channel (above).

TVO is a Toronto based channel but may also be available to viewers in provinces outside Ontario and to some North-Eastern States of the USA.


  1. David Tennant is great actor and the best keep it real

  2. david tennant is so hot and awesome at acting

  3. I think David Tennant is a very talented and versatile actor able to evoke a range of emotions from viewers. I admire that he gives so much of his time to charitable organisations. I only found this site today and saw that I missed the TVO presentation of “Single Father”. Darn! Anyone know if it will air again any time soon? Since Mr. Tennant likes Coldplay, I thought he might enjoy seeing “I Will Fix You” in a beautiful way I’m sure he has not seen before. Here’s hoping he gets the chance to view it.
    Canadian Ottawa Girl – JR LaCasse Bates


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