New Radio Drama For The BBC: Waiting For The Boatman

David Tennant has been in the BBC Radio studios this week recording a new play by Stephen Wakelam called 'Waiting For The Boatman' The synopsis of the play reads:

We travel to Naples in 1610 with the painter Mario Minniti as our guide. Minniti has recently received a desperate letter from his old mentor Caravaggio, urging him to come to his rescue. The great artist has been attacked and fears for his life. But now, with Minniti in Naples, he is nowhere to be found. As we continue the search, the story of Caravaggio's fateful final days is revealed. The director is Sasha Yevtushenko.

David's co-star in the Afternoon Drama is fellow RSC actor Anton Lesser. The play is due to be broadcast sometime in the first half of 2012