The Decoy Bride Facebook Page

There is now an official Facebook page for the new David Tennant film The Decoy Bride. The film is due to be released on March 9th 2012 by CinemaNX and co-stars Alice Eve, Kelly MacDonald and Michael Urie.

Explore and Like the page here.


  1. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. go david go david but matt smith he's adorable

    1. @Amanda,
      Yes, I agree that Matt Smith is adorable. But, I also think David Tennant is adorable and that David Tennant is also very attractive, plus he seems to excel in a lot of different types of scenarios and characters, and he seems to go above and beyond in any type of role he's played in. I especially liked his acting in 'Single Father.' plus, that he went from a role of the the doctor in 'Doctor Who' to the role of a Single father in "Single Father' series and he excelled in both roles and shows really shows that he adjusts well to any role he is given and does acting with ease as though he has a natural talent for it. I can say with certainty that both he and Chris Eccleston are great actors (Chris Eccleston played as the 9th Doctor in 'Doctor who' before David Tennant played the 10th Doctor in 'Doctor Who. he also played in a movie titled "Jude that also had David Tennant in it. And he did a wonderful lead role. Superb. Both actors are the best actors I've ever seen).

  3. Yup another romantic slushy ropcom with fav. leading man will watch if can sneak ast my daughter.


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