David Completes Work on The Pirates!

David Tennant yesterday completed vocal recording for his role in the forthcoming Aardman animated feature The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists (or The Pirates! Band Of Misfits if you are in the USA). According to Peter Lord, the director via Twitter:

"We recorded the very last syllable (surely!) with the delightful David Tennant yesterday - now can't wait to share it with you all."

The 3D film is due to be released on Wednesday 28th March in the UK, with its premeiere on Thursday 22nd March.It is released in the USA and Canada on 30th March and in Australia on 5th April. Other stars of the film include Hugh Grant, Brian Blessed, Salma Hayek, Martin Freeman and Ashley Jensen. David plays a young Charles Darwin with Hugh Grant as The Pirate Captain

Elsewhere in the news, the film's trailer caused controversy when charity LEPRA Health In Action expressed disbelief at a scene poking fun at people with leprosy. Happily, the charity have since reported that Aardman have worked with them and committed to changing the offending scene.