The Decoy Bride To Have A Cinematic Release

David Tennant’s comedy The Decoy Bride appears to have been scheduled for a UK cinematic release at last. According to, the official website of the Film Distributors’ Association, CinemaNX will be releasing the film on Friday 9th March, 2012, just a few days before the listed DVD release on March 12th.

The romantic comedy, which has so far only been shown theatrically in Italy and Russia, also stars Alice Eve, Kelly MacDonald and Michael Urie, and was directed by Sheree Folkson.


  1. But unfortunately, it hasn't been shown in Russia :(

  2. Gaaaah not fair T-T I wanna see it already..........

  3. We have been waiting too long. Rumour has it that the writing and acting is of great quality. Hope it is financially successful.

    A fan


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