Pre Order Doctor Who Encyclopedia and get a free T Shirt

The all new Doctor Who encyclopedia is released by BBC Books next week and if you pre-order it now you'll get a limited edition Doctor Who T Shirt featuring David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor alongise Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor.

The fully revised and updated Doctor Who Encyclopedia, covering every episode from 2005 to present.

River Song still a riddle? Stumped by the stolen planets in the Medusa Cascade? Forgotten what happened in the Timelines That Never Happened? Look no further...
Completely revised and updated, this is the ultimate guide to everything and everyone that's ever happened, un-happened and happened again in the worlds and times of the Doctor. The Doctor Who Encyclopedia now covers the Eleventh Doctor's first two seasons, plus every Ninth and Tenth Doctor story, and is packed with photographs and artwork from seven stunning years of adventures - including the charity specials, animated adventures, online Adventure Games, TARDISodes and preludes.
This is your complete tour of time and space – from Abaddon and Inspector Abberline to Melody Zucker and the Zygons.

Thanks to BBC Books.