This Is Jinsy Press Interview

What attracted you to Jinsy?
"My very good friend is the second assistant director and I had a call from her saying she was working on something very exciting and that I should get involved. They were approaching people to do guest spots and I think my name had been mentioned.
"I read the script and it's so unusual - it's difficult to get your head round because you're constantly trying to figure out what it is! Until you get on set, you have no idea how extraordinary this world is, the way that Justin and Chris have created it, the way Matt has directed it, and how it all comes together."

How's the experience been?

"I've had a blast. I'm so glad I was invited to get involved, to meet Justin and Chris."

You play Mr Slightlyman, can you tell me a bit about him?

"Mr Slightlyman is a Jinsy celebrity. He's the host of the wedding lottery show and has been for a lot longer than you'd imagine. He's older than he looks and is clearly a fan of plastic surgery. Without giving anything away, Mr Slightlyman may be paying for those treatments through slightly less than honourable means..."

How lengthy is the make-up process?"It's intentionally low tech - it's a very old-fashioned facelift where they literally stick your face back. That's not to say it's not nice to get it all off at the end of the day though."

And your costume isn't exactly for the shy and retiring. Has it made you rethink your own sense of style?

"Not really - it's actually quite similar to what I wear on a daily basis."

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