The TA And The Taliban

David is currently narrating a new six part documentary over on Watch called the TA And The Taliban.
The Series series follows a group of unheralded heroes thrust into the line of fire and focuses on the story of part-time Territorial Army members serving in Afghanistan.Made with exclusive access facilitated by the MOD, The TA & The Taliban is the story of 12 ordinary people who have chosen to leave their families and day jobs in Britain behind to serve alongside soldiers over 3,500 miles away in some of the most dangerous places in the world. We'll follow them to the war zones of Kandahar and the British military base, Camp Bastion, which becomes their home, and see how the long-distance communications become the link these brave volunteers have to their families back in Britain.We'll meet George the electrician, Claire the nurse, Craig the furniture designer, water meter reader Anthony, and financial product advisor Ben. Under the promise of adventure and a desire to offer security to the people of Afghanistan, these regular work-a-day people become the heroes of another country.The series follows the recruits as they enjoy their last days at work and home, before embarking on MOD pre-deployment training, and wave emotional goodbyes to their families. George, Claire, Anthony and the others then begin their new lives as part-time soldiers and are instantly plunges them into the theatre of war.
Episode 1 has already aired on 4th August - the rest of the series will air on Thursdays at 9pm on Watch.
You can watch a trailer for the series here.