David Named One Of Sci Fi's Sexiest Men

Female First are reporting that David has been named as one of the sexiest men in Sci Fi for his role as the Doctor in Doctor Who. Billie Piper who played his assistant Rose Tyler also charted highly in the female poll. They say:

Former 'Doctor Who' actor David Tennant has finished ahead of current Time Lord Matt Smith in a survey to name the sexiest hunk in sci-fi.
Former 'Doctor Who' star David Tennant has beaten current Time Lord Matt Smith in a poll to find the sexiest sci-fi hunk.
The actor - who previously portrayed the titular character in the BBC One show - finished second in the survey commissioned by TV channel Syfy, beating off competition from 10th-placed Matt, while 'X-Men' actor Hugh Jackman clinched top spot.
'Torchwood' star John Barrowman came third in the poll, ahead of Hollywood hunks Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Robert Downey Junior, Orlando Bloom, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth.
'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' beauty Sarah Michelle Gellar was named the sexiest babe in sci-fi, coming ahead of current 'Doctor Who' star Karen Gillan - who plays the Time Lord's companion Amy Pond - and Billie Piper, who previously appeared in the sci-fi show as the Doctor's former travelling companion Rose Tyler when David starred in the titular role.
Karen and Billie were placed fourth and fifth respectively, behind Jeri Ryan and Jessica Alba, while 'Heroes' beauty Hayden Panettiere and 'Star Wars' actress Carrie Fisher also made the top 10, along with Anna Pacquin, Jane Fonda and Sigourney Weaver.

The full top 10 list:
Sci-Fi Babes
1. Sarah Michelle Gellar - ('Buffy the Vampire Slayer') - 12.7%
2. Jeri Ryan ('Star Trek') - 10.9%
3. Jessica Alba ('Fantastic Four') - 10.8%
4. Karen Gillan ('Doctor Who') - 10.6%
5. Billie Piper ('Doctor Who') - 7.7%
6. Anna Pacquin ('True Blood') - 7.3%
7. Hayden Panettiere ('Heroes') - 6.4%
8. Jane Fonda ('Barbarella') - 5%
9. Carrie Fisher ('Star Wars') - 4.7%
10. Sigourney Weaver ('Alien') - 4.6%

Sci-Fi Hunks
1. Hugh Jackman ('X-Men') - 20.3%
2. David Tennant ('Dr Who') - 16.9%
3. John Barrowman ('Torchwood')- 14.2%
4. Johnny Depp ('Edward Scissorhands') - 11.5%
5. Harrison Ford ('Star Wars') - 10.5%
6. Robert Downey Junior ('Iron Man') - 10.3%
7. Orlando Bloom ('Lord of the Rings') - 10.2%
8. Ryan Reynolds ('Green Lantern') - 9.9%
9. Chris Hemsworth ('Thor') - 9.4%
10. Matt Smith ('Doctor Who') - 8.7%