The Gobetweenies: Befriending Freddie

The last episode of The Gobetweenies, Befriending Freddie, will air on Friday 27th May at 11:30am on BBC Radio 4.
The BBC have released the following info:

David Tennant and Sarah Alexander star as the exes determined to be double not single parents and bring the kids up together apart.
But Lucy needs compensation for moving house every week...
If it's Wednesday it must be Holloway.
It turns out Mimi's new husband says he is into fatherhood after all, and Lucy tells her Dad and Tom all about Mum's condition...
Mimi is desperate to bring the kids to New York for the premiere of her new husband's play but Tom has found a new friend whose cute yogic mother Joe is drawn to...
When Lucy refuses to miss out on her best friend's birthday because of a planned visit to her stepfather in New York, Mimi fails to get Joe's back-up.

Cast List:

Joe ..... David Tennant
Mimi ..... Sarah Alexander

Tom ...... Finlay Christie

Lucy ..... Phoebe Abbott

Jennifer ..... Emily Bruni

Freddie ...... Oliver Dillon

Harry ...... Stuart Milligan
Writer: Marcella Evaristi
Director: Marilyn Imrie

Producer: Gordon Kennedy

An Absolutely Production for BBC Radio 4.