David Filming In Tynemouth

David has been filming for United in the North East recently. The following story was in the Sunday Sun:
METRO passengers thought it was a Tardis they’d stepped into and not a train when former time lord David Tennant was spotted at a North station.
The Scottish star appeared in full 1950s garb alongside Sunderland-born star Melanie Hill and some nostalgic props as part of a film shoot in Tynemouth, North Tyneside.
The coastal spot doubled as a set for the day as part of a new BBC dramatisation of the 1958 Munich air crash.

The pair were on Tyneside for his latest role as one of the talented Manchester United team which became the youngest side to win the league, only for the squad to be ripped apart when eight were killed in the disaster.
Called ‘United’, the drama aims to bring to life the tragic event which virtually wiped out manager Sir Matt Busby’s team, nicknamed Busby’s Babes, and the battle to overcome the devastation.
Despite the film being about a team from Manchester, the BBC announced earlier this month that filming would take place in the North East.
Surprised passengers and TV fans
coming out of Tynemouth station were stunned to see cameras pinpointed on David, wrapped in a 1950s style camel coat, and stood beside an old-fashioned car.
IT engineer Barry Ward, from Sunderland, was among the starstruck onlookers.
The 27-year-old said: “I asked a security man and was told they were filming the return of Bobby Charlton but I could only see David and a female actor. They got off a train, came out the station and were then getting into the car and I could hear David’s broad Scottish accent.
“I know he’s from Scotland anyway but when you heard him speak he had a very exaggerated accent.
“There were quite a lot of amused faces when people came out and saw Doctor Who was in town.”
David, who recently starred in BBC1 drama Single Father, will play coach Jimmy Murphy, who wasn’t involved in the fatal crash but helped to piece together the team as Busby recovered from his injuries.
A key figure in the film is Ashington-born Bobby Charlton, played by Jack O’Connell, who was among the youngest of the Babes in the crash.
The BBC said it had chosen to film in the region because it was more suited to the authentic period locations, plus the production has been part-funded by the region’s screen agency Northern Film and Media.
Bringing the drama to the North has been as a major coup for culture in the region.
Director of BBC North Peter Salmon said: “This was a tragedy that touched the lives of many people in Manchester both directly and indirectly.
“With its superbly talented cast and powerful script I am proud that BBC North is supporting this project.”
United is due to be shown on a BBC channel next year.