Single Father Final Episode Synopsis

The BBC Press Office have released the synopsis for the final episode of Single Father, which willbe broadcast on Sunday 31st October at 9pm on BBC One. There are major plot spoilers in it so if you'd rather not know how it all ends look away now:

With the inquiry into Rita's death looming, Dave faces some difficult, and life-changing, choices in the conclusion to Mick Ford's humorous romantic BBC One drama.
Sarah and Dave have fallen in love but, while Dave excitedly makes plans for their future together, a cautious Sarah fears that they're rushing things.
Dave is furious after discovering that Stuart told Lucy about the forthcoming inquiry into her mother's death. And, to make matters worse, both Lucy and Ewan plan to attend – against Dave's wishes.
At the court, Anna isn't impressed to see the kids there, making it clear that she feels it's inappropriate. After Dave is forced to watch CCTV footage showing the moment Rita died, the painful process leads him to question his relationship with Sarah.
Later, an insensitive Michelle demands to know what their daughter Tanya will get out of it. But money is the last thing on Dave's mind. There's another complication when Stuart announces plans to start the adoption process for Lucy.
Elsewhere, Matt offers Sarah everything she's ever wanted – marriage, kids and commitment – but she's not interested. Suspicious about their sudden split, Matt is convinced there's someone else involved and asks her outright about Dave. Sarah's silence speaks volumes.
Matt goes to confront his love rival at the studio but meets a flirtatious Tanya instead. Seizing an opportunity for revenge, he sleeps with her before revealing all about Dave and Sarah's relationship.
Later, a furious Tanya arrives at Dave's house and, in front of the children and Sarah, tells everyone about their father's secret relationship. The kids – especially Lucy – react badly. Emotionally torn, Dave asks Sarah to leave, choosing to devote himself to his family instead.
Weeks later, relationship advice comes from an unlikely source as Anna persuades a lonely Dave to rekindle his romance with Sarah – he's not the only one who misses her, the kids do too.
Unable to find Sarah, Dave attends the school's end-of-term assembly but is stunned to hear the headmaster announce Sarah's resignation. Convinced he's lost his new love for good, the children and Dave search for Sarah before it's too late...
Dave is played by David Tennant, Sarah by Suranne Jones, Lucy by Natasha Watson, Stuart by Rupert Graves, Evie by Millie Innes, Ewan by Robert Dickson, Michelle by Jenni Keenan Green, Tanya by Sophie Kennedy Clark, Matt by Warren Brown and Anna by Neve McIntosh.
Single Father is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat 108, Freeview 50, Sky 143 and Virgin 108.

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