Single Father - Fan Reaction

Single Father has recieved a great reaction from fans of David here are a few comments we recieved via our Twitter page. We also had many hundreds of emails all praising the show and David's performance, so thank you for those too!

@davidtennantcom Watched first part of 'Single Father' last night. Cried my eyes out. Beautifully done Mr Tennant

@davidtennantcom single father isn't normally my sorta show but I thought it was brilliant last night :) can't (cont)

@davidtennantcom Outstanding performance by DT, me thinks. Brilliant acting. Looking forward to the next part. #SingleFather

@davidtennantcom Beautifully realized thought provoking study of grief that stirs the emotions making you reflect on your own relationships.

@davidtennantcom it was bloody brilliant. U really see how fab an actor David is and cry I sobbed all the way through brilliant lol.

@davidtennantcom just watched single father, beautifully filmed, amazingly acted, touching and heart wrenching, well done David and all.

@davidtennantcom A poignant & affirming program, with superb acting that reminded me a little of Cold Feet. This is definitely one to watch.

@davidtennantcom fabulous #singlefather - cried through most of it!

@davidtennantcom #Singlefather, a concoction of beauty, emotions and phenomenal acting talent and ending with a teardrop! Just brilliant!!!

@davidtennantcom Seems to have depressed the nation! Which means he did a good job ;) David Tennant in Single Father

@davidtennantcom It was excellent! I cried...

@davidtennantcom omg it's so good having dt back on tv I've missed him so much! So

@davidtennantcom #Singlefather was captivating, emotional, raw, and real. The cast is perfect together, the music & script were brilliant.

@davidtennantcom #singlefather Britain's greatest actor delivers yet another career-best performance - give David Tennant a BAFTA NOW!! :)

@davidtennantcom It was captivating and moved me to tears. The performances by David Tennant and the rest of the cast were brilliant.

@davidtennantcom Powerful drama, some laughs thrown in. Brilliant performances from all, well observed writing. David Tennant for @BAFTA

@davidtennantcom A brilliantly written script with equally brilliant performances from David and cast. Truly harrowing and believable.

@davidtennantcom a great scpted drama th actin frm the kids was as gd as anthin,david showed true realism in the hardness of becomin single

@davidtennantcom Single Father is a real tear-jerker. fantastic performances by all the cast, particularly David Tennant and Natasha Watson.

@davidtennantcom Absolutely fantastic, say still watching it for the whole hour! Loved it! David also makes a great farther!!! Xxx.

@davidtennantcom The Single Father is a very loving and dramatic TV show,it features the heartbreaks,the love,and the laughter,and the drama

#singlefather was fantastic. David Tennant is such a fantastic actor, had me in tears pretty much all the way through :'( @davidtennantcom

@davidtennantcom Twisting turning tale of broken hearts. Layers of grief peeling away to reveal a web of tangled lives and loves

@davidtennantcom I laughed, I cried,I cried,I cried, I lusted, then I cried, then lusted,then cried,and cried,and cried. My review :)

@davidtennantcom single father was heart breaking and amazing at the same time David did an amazing job very emotional he defo made me cry

@davidtennantcom beautiful drama with tears and tense moments. pure genius.

@davidtennantcom #singlefather is the best thing I have seen on television in years. DT is a phenomenal actor. I cried whenever he did. Ace
@davidtennantcom breathtakingly beautiful & emotional - deserves 5 stars. DT's acting was engrossing and perfect as usual

@davidtennantcom I loved david tennant in the single father what a very touching story and played brilliantly, well done to the kids too :)

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