Single Father - Episode 3 Synopsis

The BBC Press Office have released the synopsis for the third episode of Single Father. This will air on Sunday 24th October at 9pm:

After their night of passion, Dave and Sarah are on tenterhooks, worried about what Evie saw, as Mick Ford's touching yet humorous drama about finding love after heartbreak continues. To their dismay, Evie's not giving anything away.
Desperate to see Sarah again, Dave arranges for the kids to go to a football match. When he calls to invite her, Matt answers and a flustered Dave ends up inviting them both along. It proves excruciating as Evie, the ticking time bomb, runs happily between Dave, Sarah and Matt.
Meanwhile, Anna doesn't help matters by revealing to Lucy that Dave has found her father. Incredibly excited by the news, Lucy is furious when a protective Dave won't give her Stuart's number.
Later, Dave meets up with Stuart and his glamorous wife and their children. In contrast to Dave's chaotic family life, Stuart lives in a huge, well-ordered house in Edinburgh.
As the two men talk, Stuart asks if the police offered Dave compensation for Rita's death. When Dave explains Robin is dealing with this, Stuart, a lawyer himself, offers to take on the case – believing he can better the claim.
Dave talks it through with Robin who thinks it's a good idea and, now in serious financial trouble, Dave reluctantly accepts Stuart's offer. But Anna is furious at Robin for giving up the compensation case and throws him out.
Recent revelations about Rita have made Dave paranoid and he obsesses over her diaries, cross-referencing and checking them alongside Paul, Ewan and Evie's birthdays – convinced Rita has lied about their paternity.
Dave takes Lucy to Edinburgh to spend time with Stuart. While there, Sarah surprises him with a visit to the city and the two spend the afternoon at a hotel together. Dave opens up about his paternity fears but a vulnerable Sarah reacts badly to his honesty, questioning whether she's being used as revenge against Rita's memory. Dave pursues Sarah, realising he's fallen in love with her and she tells him the only way they can move forward together is for him to get a paternity test.
Back home, a desperate Matt offers Sarah a new life away from Glasgow but is surprised when she ends their relationship.
Dave is played by David Tennant, Sarah by Suranne Jones, Evie by Millie Innes, Matt by Warren Brown, Anna by Neve McIntosh, Lucy by Natasha Watson, Stuart by Rupert Graves, Robin by Mark Heap, Paul by Chris Hegarty and Ewan by Robert Dickson.
Single Father is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat 108, Freeview 50, Sky 143 and Virgin 108.