Single Father - Episode 2 Synopsis

The BBC Press Office have revealed the details of episode 2 of Single Father. This episode will air on Sunday 17th October at 9pm on BBC One.

Dave's emotions are in turmoil after his kiss with Sarah, as Mick Ford's touching yet humorous drama series about finding love after heartbreak continues.
Confused, Dave tries to avoid Sarah when he drops youngest daughter Evie off at school, but at the same time he's also desperate to see her again. Eventually they're forced to meet at Evie's parents' evening. After a heart to heart, they agree that the kiss was an understandable response to their emotions over Rita, and decide to continue as normal.
In an attempt to be supportive, Dave vows to track down Lucy's real dad but information is scant. He knows Rita fell pregnant at university so starts reading her diaries looking for clues. With a little help from Sarah, he tracks down a man called Stuart who claims to know Rita from her university days.
Later, Dave meets up with Stuart and is shocked when Stuart reveals he knew all along he had a child with Rita and she'd secretly kept in touch with him over the years, sending him pictures of Lucy. Dave is devastated by Rita's deceit and begins to question the memory of the woman he loved.
Meanwhile, Dave's children are struggling in their own unique ways. Tanya, never the greatest employee, messes up an important set of photos and tries to hide them from her father, afraid he'll be disappointed in her; and Ewan, desperate for attention, deliberately harms himself but pretends it's a football accident.
In need of a quiet evening, Dave arranges for all the kids to stay elsewhere that night, inviting Sarah over for some company.
But before Sarah arrives, he is confronted by ex-wife Michelle who brings home a poorly Evie, storming out after giving Dave a piece of her mind.
Later, with Evie sound asleep, Dave and Sarah's feelings get the better of them and before they know it, they're in bed. But Evie wakes up and comes to the bedroom door. Sarah and Dave are horrified, uncertain of what Evie saw and how she'll react...
Dave is played by David Tennant, Sarah by Suranne Jones, Evie by Millie Innes, Lucy by Natasha Watson, Stuart by Rupert Graves, Tanya by Sophie Kennedy Clark, Ewan by Robert Dickson and Michelle by Jenni Keenan Green.
Single Father is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat 108, Freeview 50, Sky 143 and Virgin 108.