Single Father To Air Week 9 -15 October

The BBC have confirmed that the first episode of David's new four part series, Single Father, will air in the week of 9 - 15 October 2010. However they have still not specified a day or time for transmission.

The BBC Press Office says:

David Tennant and Suranne Jones star in Single Father, a touching yet humorous drama written by Mick Ford about finding love after heartbreak.
Dave and Rita are a devoted couple living in the midst of mess and mayhem with their children Lucy, Paul, Ewan and Evie. But everything changes in an instant when Rita is killed in a road accident. Suddenly, Dave, a photographer, faces an uncertain future and the seemingly impossible job of bringing up the kids alone.
Dave finds it hard to cope at first, but at least he has the love and support of friends and family especially Rita's best friend, schoolteacher Sarah, and her partner Matt.
Eldest daughter Lucy, Rita's child from a previous relationship whom Dave has brought up as his own, is particularly devastated – she's lost her mum and has never known who her real dad is.
When an education officer visits to tell Dave that Lucy has been playing truant from school, a new threat emerges for the family. As Dave and Rita weren't married, Dave realises that his guardianship of Lucy is hanging by a thread.
Eventually, in a bitter confrontation, Lucy rejects Dave, telling him she wants to find her real father. Dave is devastated and things are further complicated when she runs away from home.
In the panic that follows, Dave calls on Sarah to help with the kids so he can go in search of Lucy and he finally cracks under the emotional pressure. Sarah comforts Dave and, in their shared moment of grief over Rita's death, the friends grow closer.
This four-part relationship drama asks how soon is too soon to fall in love? With his children at the centre of his world, Dave worries about what will happen when they find out about his blossoming relationship with Sarah and whether he's betraying Rita's memory...
A Red Production for BBC One through BBC Scotland, Single Father is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat 108, Freeview 50, Sky 143 and Virgin 108.
Dave is played by David Tennant, Sarah by Suranne Jones, Rita by Laura Fraser, Lucy by Natasha Watson, Paul by Chris Hegarty, Ewan by Robert Dickson, Evie by Millie Innes and Matt by Warren Brown