A Year In The Spotlight eBook

The book David Tennant A Year In The Spotlight was published in November 2009 and is now available as an eBook (both Kindle or PDF). The book examines the media interest in the actor David Tennant. The eBook is 356 pages in length and is available online from either http://www.DavidTennantBook.com or on Amazon.co.uk and all proceeds go to the cancer charity AICR which David Tennant supports. 2008 was a massive year for the actor David Tennant in terms of the press interest in him. He was the star of one of British television's leading dramas, Doctor Who, and he played theatre's most famous role, Hamlet, for the Royal Shakespeare Company which won excellent reviews from the critics. He also played in Love's Labour's Lost on stage, chose to announce that he was leaving Doctor Who live on national television, had to withdraw from Hamlet to have an operation days before the London press night but managed to return to the role for the final week of the run in half the usual recovery time. Add to that the numerous awards that he won throughout the year and barely a day went by that David's name was not mentioned in the British press. It was a roller-coaster ride too for his fans; keeping up with all his news, watching Doctor Who episodes on television, listening to his radio and TV interviews and making trips to see him on stage in Stratford-Upon-Avon and London, as well as reading and posting on the masses of David Tennant and Doctor Who fan forums online. This book seeks to look at an amazing year in the spotlight in the life of one quite humble actor through reports in the press, through comments by his friends and colleagues and through reactions by his fans. As well as a section of all this theatre reviews, the book also covers: All the awards both David Tennant and Doctor Who received during the year An in-depth look at the filming of Doctor Who Series Four The media interest in the Doctor Who Series Four Press Launch A detailed account of the Hamlet rehearsal process Fans reactions each of the Doctor Who episodes plus the ratings that 3,000 fans gave each one All of David Tennant's TV and radio interviews during the year using his own words as much as possible The media articles that David had signed for another series of Doctor Who and then the reaction to him announcing that he would be leaving after the Specials The headlines that he used a real skull on stage during Hamlet and the little known fact that he continued using it during the London run too Whilst playing in Hamlet and Love's Labour's Lost David Tennant fitting in filming the Steven Poliakoff movie Glorious 39 David Tennant pulling out of Hamlet to have an operation on his back David returning to the stage on the night of the announcement of Matt Smith as the new Doctor.