Decoy Bride Update

Filming is continuing on David's latest film project, Decoy Bride, and it has been announced that filming will also take place in Nithsdale.

THE NATION’S favourite Dr Who is heading for Nithsdale.
And would-be movie stars are being offered the chance to appear on screen alongside David Tennant (right).
A host of stars will be on location near Dumfries for five or six days shooting key scenes for The Decoy Bride, a new romantic comedy.
Tennant will be joined by Kelly MacDonald who starred in Trainspotting, No Country for Old Men and Gosford Park; Alice Eve from Sex in the City 2; and Michael Urie, well known to Ugly Betty fans as Marc St James.
Although Annan’s Ashley Jensen is not among the stars, the Ugly Betty connection continues in the shape of Sheree Folkson who moves over from the TV series to direct The Decoy Bride.
No details of the location have yet been released but an appeal has gone out for extras.
“The company needs about 20 people to play paparazzi,” said Mark Geddes of the South West Scotland Screen Commission.
“They are looking for people aged between their late 20s and their 50s.”
They hunt is also on for extras for a second film, Timelock, which is to be filmed mainly in Dumfries itself.
Private locations in and around Irish Street and English Street will be used in the film about a heist during a huge jewellery exhibition.
“The exhibition venue will be filmed in Glasgow,” added Mark. “But a lot will be filmed in private residences in Dumfries.
“They are also looking for extras, in particular someone to play a delegate at the exhibition.”
Timelock has a much smaller budget than The Decoy Bride which is already being filmed in the Isle of Man. Tennant stars as writer James, who is engaged to famous film star Lara (Alice Eve).
The pair decide to get married on a remote Scottish island when their wedding is ambushed by a paparazzi.
Local lass Katie (Kelly MacDonald) is to be persuaded to stand in as a decoy bride to distract the paparazzi while Lara’s manager Steve (Michael Urie) struggles to ready the island for a fairytale wedding.
Of course, it all goes pear shaped when James meets Katie.
The Decoy Bride was written by Neil Jaworski and Smack The Pony's Sally Phillips, who also stars in the film.
Filming on Timelock gets under way on July 6 and The Decoy Bride starts on July 13.
Anyone interested in becoming an extra should email Mark at in the first instance.