UKTV Greatest Doctor Who Moments

To celebrate Doctor Who’s latest regeneration, UKTV jumps back in the Tardis with the 9th and 10th Timelords to screen your 10 favourite Doctor Who adventures so far.
It’s The Greatest Doctor Who Weekend of All Time, voted by YOU plus Three Australian First Specials this June Long Weekend on UKTV.

Watch clips of every adventure online at and debate with other fans on the UKTV Facebook forum about your favourites, cast your vote and then make an appointment with The Doctor this June long weekend.

We’ll be counting down the Greatest Adventures in space and time on Saturday 12 – Monday 14 June from 11:00am – 5:00pm, then in an Australian First at 5:00pm viewers will relive Doctor Who Greatest Moments , a compilation of interviews and classic moments featuring Doctor Who’s greatest Time Lords, finest companions and deadliest enemies; as well as the first Doctor Who special shot in HD, Planet of the Dead.

Thanks to Tango.