One Big Push

Thanks to all of you who have already helped One Water by joining their Facebook page. There are currently over 13,000 of you :) But they need more of you!
250,000 fans need to be registered on the page by the end of the month in order for one of their trustees to make a donation of $5000.
If they reach this donation - $5000 translates to about 3,600,000 clean water days! So they’ve worked out that if 250,000 people support them, just through one click each person will each be giving African children 14 days of fresh, clean water.
And not only that, with 250,000 supporters they can approach leading supermarkets and high street shops and encourage them to stock One water, so that they can bring clean water to more children in Africa.
Please help them make a difference just join up at today, it won't cost you a penny and it will give you a warm feeling inside we promise!
At 4pm today members of the group are staging a push toget more new people to join, please help by passing this info to all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Bebo etc

Watch David on the One Water campaign video below:

A few people had some questions which Mark from Global Ethics has kindly answered below:
hey everyone... my name is Mark Spall and I work for Global Ethics... I'm one of the people behind the One Difference fan page. I'm hoping I can answer your questions and put your minds at rest.
1) We can't get individual information from Facebook Fan pages. Even if we wanted to Facebook don't allow us to. We do know general information about the group of people such as age, sex, country etc... but just how many people in each of those categories... none of your personal information is available. ... See more
2) That said we are not interested in your personal details anyway. The reason for wanting 250,000 on the group is so that we can demonstrate to big supermarkets that stocking ethical products that give all profits to charity is something that is worth them doing so. (I know hard to believe) but they need to see demand, people behind our brand. So you are helping to sell more product by joining.
3) The $5000 donation was offered out of the blue by one of our trustees. He's offered his own money because he knows how important it is that we get help stocking the products.
4) If you do the maths, each fan is worth 14 clean water days when we get out 250,000 target. Personally, I love it. It's such a simple way to make a genuine difference.
5) We want you to feel proud and part of something special. If it wasn't for people like you buying One products and helping it get on the shelves £3.5million would not have been raised. Regular people made it happen and you deserve recognition.
There's 5 very good reasons. I'm sure there are more.... why not pop over and join... it's fun and all in a good cause.
All the best, Mark.