David Wins In SFX Awards

David has been named Best Actor in the SFX Awards.
Doctor Who came second in the Best TV Show category with The Next Doctor and Planet Of The Dead also finishing in the top five of the Best TV Episode category.
Russell T Davies accepted the award on behalf of David and paid tribute to him:
"All a writer can ever hope for is a good actor. And David makes everyone look good - the costumes, set, scripts and cast all shine, because they've got that man acting his heart out at the centre of the show. He literally made everyone strive harder, to match him. And on top of that, as I'm sure you all know, he's been the most amazing ambassador for the show, taking on a huge and difficult public role with such good grace, and such a sense of joy. I'm delighted he's won this award, cos he's not just the best actor, he's the best of men. And I'm no longer his employer, so I don't HAVE to say this stuff any more - but it's true!"
The full list of winners can be found in the new issue of SFX which is on sale now!