David To Voice Newsround Special

David Tennant is the voice of Newsround's latest special programme, all about staying safe on the web.
Called Caught in the Web, it tells the story of a girl who gets into trouble after her virtual life in an online chatroom spills into the real world.
There are also real-life case studies with kids who've had bad experiences online, like a girl who was cyber bullied and a boy addicted to gaming.
Caught on the Web gives lots of tips on how to stay safe on the internet, and really hammers home how important it is not to give out your personal details.
The programme will be shown at 5pm on BBC1 on Tuesday 9 February 2010, and at 6.35pm on the CBBC Channel on the same day.
A longer version will be shown at 11am on BBC2 on Thursday 11 February 2010.

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