Commemorative Medal To Feature David

David Tennant has regenerated – into a commemorative medal.
Royal Mint is producing the limited edition Doctor Who items, the first time TV characters have featured on their medals.
They are being produced as Tennant, the 10th Doctor, prepares to bow out of the Tardis in a two-part Christmas special.
He will regenerate into Matt Smith, the latest actor to take on the time-travelling sci-fi role.
As well as Tennant, the Daleks and the Doctor's robot dog K-9 appear on the gold and silver medals.
Commemorative coin director Dave Knight said: "Just as the Doctor is timeless, so too is the enduring appeal of the TV series which continues to entertain audiences across the world.
"We hope fans everywhere will find these medals a fitting tribute not just to David Tennant, but to the whole Doctor Who story."

Source: This Is South Wales