Dreamland Interview

David has spoken to DWM #414 about his role in the new Doctor Who animation series, Dreamland:

Hello David how are you finding Dreamland?
Is that the name of it?! Nobody tells me anything! I've just got a script which says 'Doctor Who Animation, Draft Four' on the front!
Because we knew we were doing fewer episodes of Doctor Who this year, we were always talking of ways to bridge the gap. We didn't have time to shoot any more episodes, but doing something like this is easier, because it's only a couple of days work for the actors - though it's months of work for the talented animation types.

Have you pitched your performance differently, knowing that the visual side of the Doctor is out of your hands?
Yeah, though I don't know if I've pitched it right. I have to trust in the animators to fulfill it. I have great hopes that it will be as great as everyone wants it to be.

You've certainly got a fantastic cast for this one...
Yes! What a coup to get David Warner!

Playing a giant cockroach, no less.
I can think of nothing more splendid. A proper legend of British theatre and world cinema, playing a giant cockroach. That's what Doctor Who is all about!