Glorious 39 Book

Published on the anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, Glorious 39 is the screenplay of the new blockbuster film by award-winning writer/director Stephen Poliakoff released in cinemas this autumn. In this tense psychological thriller set on the eve of WWII, a young woman stumbles across evidence of a sinister Nazi appeasement plot that will stop at nothing to achieve its aims. As close friends die in suspicious circumstances, she finds herself in extreme danger from an increasingly menacing and powerful enemy. The film features a stellar cast of leading British actors: award-winning British actress Romola Garai (Atonement), alongside BAFTA-winning actor Bill Nighy (Love Actually). They are joined by Oscar-winning actress Julie Christie (Finding Neverland), Eddie Redmayne (The Other Boleyn Girl), David Tennant, Charlie Cox (Stardust), Jeremy Northam (Gosford Park) and the legendary Christopher Lee (Lord of The Rings) as Walter. Glorious 39 is writer/director Stephen Poliakoff's return to the cinema after an absence of a decade since his previous feature films which include the multi-award winning Close My Eyes. Since then he has directed a plethora of BBC television dramas: the BAFTA winning Capturing Mary, BAFTA nominated Joe's Palace, EMMY award winning The Lost Prince, and Gideon's Daughter which won Golden Globes for actors Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt.
Glorious 39 is released on Thursday 3rd September 2009.