Don't Let Cancer Have The Last Word...

David is involved in a very exciting new project to help the AICR. Official Press release follows:
“I once asked Ian Dury if he thought he had missed anything in life as a result of his disability. He paused for a moment, looked up at me and said, ‘I’ve missed a few buses.’" Phill Jupitus’ story about his famous friend is just one of a number of funny recollections which form part of an internet video archive launched to celebrate the lives of people who have died of cancer. AICR, the Association for International Cancer Research, the charity behind the initiative, is keen to get as many people as possible to contribute. The charity’s e-Commerce Manager, Jack Cumming, said: “Often, when people die, what keeps them very much alive in our minds are the funny sayings or stories that they told or that we tell about them. Recounting these is a great way of treasuring loved ones and we want people to share those happy memories and, as the title says, help us make sure cancer doesn’t have the last word.
David Tennant, one of AICR’s ambassadors, has recorded a brief film explaining how people can go about sending in their videos. David said: “I really like the idea behind this and I think AICR does fantastic work funding vital cancer research projects right across the world. I’d urge people to send in their own films and, if they are able, to donate too. I think AICR’s aim of saving lives by improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer is something we should all support.” Mobile phones, webcams and camcorders can all be used to send in videos to the archive, which is on the charity’s website:

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