Doctor Who Greatest Moments Press Release

Produced by the Doctor Who Confidential team, Doctor Who's Greatest Moments is a celebration of the show and a look at what makes it so enduring. As you'd expect from the title it's choc full of fantastic clips, snappily edited to make you keep saying 'That was a good bit' for about sixty minutes. If it's from the past four years of Doctor Who and you're wondering, Does it include that great moment when..? then, yes. Yes, it does.

A voice-over by Jo Whiley gives the clips context, helped by the stars of Doctor Who offering their insight and opinions. And the Confidential team have made good use of their address book! It's lovely to get the low down from regulars like David Tennant, Freema Agyeman and John Barrowman who are all on good form and as charming as ever. But watch out as well for actors like Ryan Sampson (Luke Rattigan in series four's Sontaran episodes) whose fondness for his character's interplay with the Doctor is infectious. The first episode also has contributions from Georgia Moffett, Tracy Ann Oberman, David Morrissey, Tom Goodman-Hill and Mark Gatiss who, as usual, can be relied upon for some shrewd takes on what makes the show work.

This three-part series focuses on various aspects of Doctor Who and we kick off with the Doctor himself before his companions and enemies nudge him to one side to have their time in the limelight. Each episode is split into themed sections, so in the opener we look at several elements of the Doctor's character, such as his humour, intelligence and physicality.
Doctor Who's Greatest Moments zips along with a sense of fun and celebration - perfect viewing as we wait for The Waters of Mars!

The series starts on BBC3 on Thursday, 20th August at 8:00pm.

Watch a teaser for Doctor Who Greatest Moments: The Doctor here.