TV Squad TCA Report

TV Squad's Joel Keller has the following report from the TCA press tour:

Normally, I'd give the classic remake of the sci-fi classic its own post, but John Lewinski did a good job of covering the bases when he spoke to David Tennant at SDCC.
Tennant's in his last series as the Doctor, as we all know; his final episode will be 75 minutes (probably expanded to 90 minutes or 2 hours here to account for commercials) and air around Christmas. According to BBCA chief Garth Ancier, they've gotten better at airing shows soon after they bow in the UK, and the last Tennant show will be no exception.
As far as the overjoyed reception the show got at SDCC, Tennant had a great line: "I wanted to crowd dive but they were all sitting down. It was disappointing."
Russell T. Davies, who Ancier called the "David E. Kelley of Britian," has now written for two Doctors played by two very different actors. But he's not conscious of that when he writes. He writes more towards the story and what the actor can do than try to exploit an actor's tics. "They have an essential Doctorness. i tend to surf and see wherever he's going."