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Another Comic-con interview with David..
This time with
John Scott Lewinski of The TV Squad.
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It's safe to say David Tennant wasn't prepared for what he was running into at Comic-Con International.

"I've never been to San Diego before, lets alone Comic-Con," Tennant told me in the Scottish accent he hid while playing The Doctor for five years on the BBC's crown jewel, Doctor Who. "The fan response here has been incredible -- just walking to the elevator. I can't imagine what'll be like during the panel (Sunday)."

Tennant is attending Comic-Con with former Who show-runner and Torchwood creator Russell T. Davies to promote the final specials featuring Tennant in the lead role. And, with mere hours to go before Sunday morning's Doctor Who panel (one of the major events of Comic-Con's closing day), he insists that's the only reason he's there -- besides meeting the fans.

"I've heard we're supposed to announce a Doctor Who movie," Tennant explained. "Or, I'm supposed to be playing The Hobbit. But we're just here to promote the specials."

It's hard to tell when a good actor is pulling a fast one, but the world will know if there's any major announcements pending soon. Meanwhile, I hunkered down to reminisce with Tennant over his time as The Doctor.

It's said you're that one in a million story of a fan who became the lead actor in his favorite show. Is that true?

I watched the show religiously as a kid. I thought every kid wanted to be The Doctor, because I certainly did. It really was a dream come true -- especially when you consider only 11 men on the planet have had the opportunity (to play The Doctor).

So, was it difficult to walk away from Doctor Who?

Certainly. But when (Russell T. Davies) announced he was moving on, it was a clear jumping off point for me. I'm a huge fan of (new show-runner Steven Moffat) because he's so talented. But, I always envisioned me playing the part for maybe three years before moving on, so the time was right.

That said, it would have been very easy for me to play that fifth season. But, I think the time was right. Now I get to be a fan again -- a viewer who doesn't know what's coming next.

The rebooted Doctor Who is a huge international success. But it didn't have to be. With the exception of one season with Christopher Eccleston, you're the actor who'll be credited with resurrecting the show. How does that feel?

I think that credit should go to Russell. He was the one who had the vision. I was just honored and thrilled to be a part of that.

How do you think it'll feel to watch Doctor Who without being a part of it?

I don't know. It'll be strange, but I think once you're The Doctor, you'll always be The Doctor. Tom Baker just said he was returning to the role of at age 75, so who knows where I'll be at that age. For now, I'm looking forward to today's panel and meeting the fans.

Of course, Tennant has never seen a Comic-Con crowd. Without a Tardis to hide inside, he might need a shark cage.