See We Are Astronomers For Free In Edinburgh (25-26 July)

In a special event to mark Homecoming 2009 and the 10th anniversary of Our Dynamic Earth, the leading Edinburgh visitor attraction is opening its doors to the public for free this weekend, 25-26 July. Open Doors weekend, which takes place at the same time as The Gathering in neighbouring Holyrood Park, will enable visitors of all ages to delve inside a fascinating story of Planet Earth, with free access to galleries and exclusive performances.

Intrepid explorers can plunder through a sticky rainforest, feel the earth move beneath their feet and touch a real iceberg within captivating and interactive displays. A climax to the journey will be We Are Astronomers, the new full dome projection film which immerses the audience in the stars as they travel through far off galaxies, narrated by David Tennant.

A number of exclusive tours and performances will also take place over the course of the weekend, bringing science to life for kids of all ages. Two kilted buskers will be roaming within the attraction, inviting visitors to examine science ‘in a sporran’ with one-to-one performances. Using their ingenuity to put a Scottish twist on experiments, the buskers will produce intriguing bangs and blasts as they whip out different displays from a giant sporran. The father of Modern Geology, James Hutton, will also be present and together with his long suffering sister will deliver tours re-enacting celebrations, events and discoveries which took place in Edinburgh.

Held as part of a weekend of events taking place in celebration of Homecoming Scotland 2009 entrance to Our Dynamic Earth, Science in a Sporran and the James Hutton tours, will be given on a first come first serve basis.

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