IGN.com Interview

Cindy White of IGN.com interviewed David, Julie Gardner and Euros Lyn before the Doctor Who panel at Comic-Con:

IGN: David, have you processed that you're not going to go back and get in the suit again ever, or at least for a long while?

Tennant: It don't really know. It's funny, when we finished there was a chance that I was, wasn't there? We were going to go a little extra thing which has unfortunately fallen through. So I always had that. And now that's not happening. But I don't know. Not necessarily an articulate answer, is it?

Gardner: Where is the suit?

Tennant: Well, a version of the suit is hanging up in my wardrobe at home.

IGN: Did you keep it?

Tennant: I got sent it. I don't know if I'm even allowed to admit that. That probably breeches some sort of BBC policy guideline. I'll probably have to be hauled across some bureaucratic coal for that.

Lyn: And in the two-parter, we did trash more than one of the suits.

Tennant: We did. Yes.

Lyn: Of which the material doesn't exist anymore.

Tennant: That's true.

IGN: Aw. That's kind of sad.

Gardner: You can imagine the costume designer. She had to be taken off the set.

Tennant: She had to be given oxygen.

Gardner: Yeah, she did. She had to be carried away.

Tennant: Yeah. Louise Page, who cares deeply for her beautiful designs. But I have to say, she ruined it beautifully as well. She managed to degrade it rather spectacularly. I think it got nicked, didn't it?

Gardner: Did it?

Tennant: I probably shouldn't mention it now. But one of the jackets that got trashed, I was happy to be wearing on the last day and for reasons of continuity we were changing in and out of this trashed jacket. And it got laid on the side. And I guess because it was the last day, somebody walked off with it! So the trashed jacked is out there somewhere.

Gardner: When that eventually emerges in some kind of Sotheby's audition in 20 years time, I'm going to hunt them down. Unless it's Russell.

IGN: Was there anything in particular you wanted to keep for yourself from the show?

Tennant: I did get a sonic screwdriver. I have my own sonic screwdriver, which was presented to me at the wrap party, which I'm very, very proud of.

Gardner: Where do you keep it?

Tennant: They built this beautiful box for it, so I keep it on a shelf. Near to where the suit is hanging up. Sounds like I've got a room dedicated to it.

IGN: So you have it there just in case?

Tennant: Just in case the call comes! In 10 years time, called back to service.

IGN: It is Doctor Who, so you never know.

Tennant: Well, the opportunity's there, isn't it? Yeah. I know that Peter Davison, who came back and did a little bit with us a couple years ago, he had to provide his own coat.

Gardner: Did he have it hanging in the wardrobe?

Tennant: He's got two. So he was able to provide that. So I'm ready. I'm ready to be called back into action at the appropriate moment.