Carl Corez and Emmerson Parker of report the following from David's appearance at the TCA summer press tour:

At the TCA event held today, BBC America’s DOCTOR WHO cast and crew were on hand to discuss the future of the show, the last few episodes and more.

The first thing, David Tennant says about his version of the Doctor is that he likes being the Doctor and is against the idea of dying. “You see it [in the WATERS OF MARS],” Tennant says. “He’s raging against dying in the light. He knows the sands of time are running out – the bell is toiling for him and he doesn’t want to go quietly – that’s how we play it.”

Executive producer Julie Gardner says that with THE WATERS OF MARS and the finale that is two parts “it is a huge goodbye for the last doctor and the last four year …”

Russell T. Davies, primary writer and creator of the modern day DOCTOR WHO, concurred. “It’s … so many things actually. It’s very exciting and very sad, thrilling to be handing over the show in such good health actually,” Davies says. “We sort of come on this journey together and [it is] coming to the end of something special. [So there are] mixed emotions.”

And that is something that Tennant agreed with. “Never had a definite stepping off point, [but] when Russell and Julie were moving on, it seemed like a natural end for all of us really,” Tennant says. “Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and make a difficult decision. I like that I stand to leave an audience wanting more, rather than when people are asking ‘When am I leaving?’”

Tennant also commented about his now-famous kissing TORCHWOOD’s John Barrowman at Comic-Con, Tennant says “The moment was right and [I] felt [it was] appropriate at the time. It’s something you know you’ll get a headline back home for.”

So the big question. If there is an opportunity for Tennant to come back, would he? “Maybe. I’ll wait for the right opportunity,” he says. “I have a costume, as long as I can keep my waistline – never say never.”

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