Australian TV 27th July - 3rd August 2009

Doctor Who: Fear Her
27th July 21:30pm ABC2 Australia
In London for the 2012 Olympic Games, Rose and The Doctor find children are disappearing, car engines are failing for no apparent reason and a lonely young girl has been taken over by a very lonely alien.

Doctor Who Confidential: The Fright Stuff

27th July 22:15pm ABC2 Australia
Mark Gatiss examines some of the show's scariest moments, that have sent the nation scurrying behind the sofa. Featuring clips from both the classic series and the modern-day revival.

Doctor Who: Army Of Ghosts

3rd August 21:30pm ABC2 Australia
The Doctor and Rose are drawn to the Torchwood Tower, but a mighty invasion force is ready to march.

Doctor Who Confidential: Welcome To Torchwood
3rd August 2:15pm ABC2 Australia
Specially filmed as a companion piece to Doctor Who. Includes behind-the-scenes filming and interviews with the cast, writers and production team as they bring our favourite Time Lord back to our screens.