The Doctor And Lady Christina Lock Lips

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Things look set to get steamy in the desert landscape of an alien planet between the Doctor and his latest companion Lady Christina.
Michelle Ryan who plays Christina in Planet Of The Dead, says "There is a little spark between the Doctor and Christina. I think Christina feels like she’s met her equal — and the Doctor feels like he’s met his match with Christina."
Meanwhile David says of the Easter Special, which is to be shown tomorrow on BBC One and BBC HD at 18:45pm, "The story in the special is a bit bonkers. It's fast moving and very exciting and something bigger than we’ve managed before. The writers always come up with something different each time and I'm always amazed by the storylines".
The story starts with Michelle's character who is a thief trying to escape the police by boarding a London bus. David says:
"'London transport being what it is, it slips through a wormhole in time and space and ends up on a planet on the other side of the universe.
There's an alien race that are on the planet called the Tritovores and then there's also stuff going on back on Earth as well.
David says that the Easter Special is the last chance for the Tenth Doctor to have 'a romp' as the story starts to build up into the 'death' of his Doctor..
"'It's got some dark moments. There's a tiny little hint at the very end that it's all about to get a lot darker. Because obviously at the end of the year it's the end of the line for the Tenth Doctor. This is kind of a romp. This is the last time the Doctor gets to have fun, in a way."