Comic Relief: The Fools' Guide

Don't forget to tune into BBC One at 22:35pm tonight as David will be narrating Comic Relief: The Fools' Guide..

A thoughtful Billy Connolly is passionate about his commitment to Comic Relief and his refusal to indulge himself by crying on camera: "Your duty is not to join in with the crying . . . you won't find me weeping or shaky-lipped." Connolly is just one of the comedy stars who, during the past 21 years, have helped to raise funds for projects throughout Britain and Africa by making films featuring often unimaginable need and despair. The story of Comic Relief is a remarkable one, with its flagship Red Nose Day on BBC1 raising increasingly staggering sums since it began in 1988. (The next RND is on 13 March.) Comic Relief founder Richard Curtis leads us through the story of the charity he founded in response to the Ethiopian famine, illustrated with clips including Dawn French's memorable snog with Hugh Grant, and chats with participants Victoria Beckham and Tony Blair on his "Am I bovvered?" sketch with Catherine Tate.