Hamlet Wows It's First London Audience

The first preview of Hamlet in London was well recieved by its audience last night.
The London Evening Standard reports the following quotes from audience members:
One theatregoer claimed to have seen the production four times already. David McGurkin, a 20-year-old drama student from Leicester, said: "It was the fourth time I have seen this production and I have to say that the first night in London was definitely the best.
"The entire cast was terrific and the staging was very inventive. The use of light on stage and the way they played around with it was breathtaking."
Christy Wilkeson, a 20-year-old student from University College London, said: "It was the second time I saw David Tennant in the role after watching him in Stratford.
"He is obviously a big draw because he is superb. But I love Hamlet and you cannot discount Patrick Stewart who was also very good."
Rachel Wood, 35, from Reading, said: "The whole thing was excellent. All of the cast performed well. I was quite shocked at the amount of humour in it, you expect Hamlet to be quite miserable."
The audience included several groups of schoolchildren, including the English class of Cambridge teacher Frank Danes.
He said: "It was terrific, superb. David Tennant was brilliant, very funny and with lots of energy.
"It was like how I would expect Hamlet to be played a couple of hundred years ago.
"It is an ensemble production - there are lots of good actors including Patrick Stewart."