Doctor Who Weekend On American TV

Fans in the USA will be pleased to hear that Sci Fi and BBC America are showing a Tenth Doctor marathon this weekend!
Details are as follows:

Friday on SciFi0

5:00am - The Sontaran Stratagem
8:00am - Smith & Jones
9:00am - The Shakespeare Code
10:00am - Gridlock
11:00am - Daleks in Manhattan
12:00pm - Evolution of the Daleks
13:00pm - The Lazarus Experiment
14:00pm - 42

Saturday on BBC America
19:00pm - The Sound of the Drums
20:00pm - Last of the Time Lords
21:00pm - Voyage of the Damned
23:00pm - Last of the Time Lords
00:00am - Voyage of the Damned
02:00am - Last of the Time Lords
03:00am - Voyage of the Damned

Sunday on BBC America
13:00pm - Voyage of the Damned
18:30pm - Voyage of the Damned