Doctor Who Backstage Competition

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The all important question for the Doctor Who Children In Need Tour competition was announced on this morning's Chris Moyles show.

Details are as follows:

In the episode The Stolen Earth where in space did the Daleks hide 27 planets?

A) The Horsehead Nebula

B) The Omega Spiral

C) The Medusa Cascade

The number to call with the correct answer is 09013 26 77 88.

Calls cost 75p from a BT landline. Calls from other operators may vary and will be considerably higher from mobiles. 52p per phone call will go to BBC Children in Need. The competition closes at midnight on 6th October and you must get the bill payer's permission to call.
All 100 winners can each bring up to 3 friends or members of their family. All visitors must be aged 5 years or over (groups containing children aged 15 years and under must include an adult). All applicants must be UK residents.