Love's Labour's Lost Opens To Critics' Praise

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Love's Labour's Lost officially opened with its Press Night last night, and as with Hamlet, the critics were full of praise for David's role in the production.

Paul Taylor of The Independent says: "Tennant's triumphant performance was (and still is) a reminder that this Dr Who is a classically trained actor with two previous seasons in Stratford under his belt. It also exposed the snobbery of supposing that fans of Doctor Who aren't the sort who could ever become fans of Shakespeare."
Giving the show 4 stars out of 5 he goes on to credit David with bringing Shakespeare to the attention of a new generation of theatre goers.
Michael Billington of The Guardian also enjoyed David's performance and says:
"Its best feature is Tennant's sparky Berowne; and he constantly reminds us of the affinities between Hamlet and the king of Navarre's resident critic. Just as Hamlet sees through the masked pretences of Elsinore, so Berowne instantly spies the absurdity of the vow made by the youthful king and his companions to study for three years and forswear female society."
"Tennant, more than any other actor in this production, shows a capacity to handle Shakespeare's language with sensitivity."
Adding: "It is a performance that confirms Tennant's Shakespearean status."
The Times' Benedict Nightingale also awards 4 stars out of 5 and describes David's Berowne as: "quick-witted, wry, waggish and mischievous enough to exchange a wink with a woman in the audience when the text asks him to compare her sex with unreliable timepieces."

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