Takin' Over The Asylum On BBC Four Tonight

BBC Four concludes its repeat run of Takin' Over The Asylum from 22:00pm tonight with the last two episodes airing back to back.

Rainy Night In Georgia:
Eddie, Campbell, Francine and Rosalie attend Fergus's funeral. Campbell and Eddie are invited to Radio Scotland to record a demo. Meanwhile Eddie's relationship with Francine begins to flourish and she begins to tell him of the awful events that have bought her to St Judes.

Takin' Over The Asylum: Rainy Night In Georgia airs tonight on BBC Four at 22:00pm.

Let It Be:
The death of the stray kittens devastates Francine, and even Eddie cannot console her. Jim is appalled by Rosalie's living conditions. Campbell's star is rising as the odds appear to be stacking up against Eddie. The radio station is in danger of closing, and he's in danger of being fired From Twinview.

Takin' Over The Asylum: Let It Be airs tonight on BBC Four at 22:50pm.