Takin' Over The Asylum On BBC Four Tonight

Don't forget that BBC Four start a repeat run of Takin' Over The Asylum tonight from 22:00pm, when they will show the first two episodes of the BAFTA winning series back to back.

Hey Jude:
Eddie after being sacked from his slot at Hospital Radio Glasgow, reluctantly agrees to resurrect the dilapidated radio station at St Jude's Mental Hospital. This episode focuses on manic depressive, Campbell, who has a difficult and complex relationship with his father.

Takin' Over The Ayslum: Hey Jude airs tonight on BBC Four at 22:00pm.

Fly Like An Eagle:
Campbell has decided to dedicate himself to becoming a professional DJ. His father pours cold water on the idea however.

Takin' Over The Asylum: Fly Like An Eagle airs tonight on BBC Four at 22:50pm.