Doctor Who Adventures #79

Why was Dalek Caan mad?In this week’s Doctor Who Adventures you can find out why Dalek Caan was the maddest Dalek of all time in a brilliant monster fact file.We also share the five best Dalek exterminations so far. They’re a nasty bunch that have blasted loads of people, so it took ages to decide which ones are the meanest!Remember the Roboform that worked for the Empress of the Racnoss? You can win a Roboform head worth £350, in the first of our three-part competition.The issue comes with a free Sontaran notebook and pen. Move the notebook and watch the creature lose his helmet – revealing a scary monster beneath! Yikes!
Interview: Ryan Sampson, who played genius, Luke Rattigan talks about working with Sontarans and his time on Doctor Who.
Posters! Brilliant pictures of Luke Rattigan, Lucius, Dalek Caan and the Doctor.
Ultimate Ood: More fascinating Ood facts.
Tales from the TARDIS: Rose meets the Doctor for the first time.
Adventure Guide: We look at Warriors of Kudlak from The Sarah Jane Adventures.
Quiz: Be careful – we’ve got Weeping Angel quiz!
Comic strip: Part two of Attack of the Mange Mites – the Doctor has been sucked into space.
Doctor’s Data: All about Bannakaffalatta the little Cyborg.
Time Teasers: Hidden horror and Odd Hath Out.
Maze: Save Donna and reach CAL in this week’s quest.
Woven wordsearch: Win some books!
Win: The latest Doctor Who DVD and cool books could be yours!
Subscription offer: Subscribe and you’ll get a FREE Doctor Who TARDIS and Doctor Files.
Doctor Who Adventures issue 79, priced £2.10, is out on Thursday 28 August! Dalek Caan predicts you will like it…