New Fox Boss On Gracepoint Regrets: "We're All Smarter In Retrospect"

New FOX Entertainment Chief David Madden has spoken to The Hollywood Reporter about his regrets that the ten-part event series Gracepoint did not perform better. The remake of the UK series Broadchurch starred David Tennant and Anna Gunn and aired on FOX late last year to disappointing ratings. Madden admitted that it had been wrong to market it as an 'event' and gave the closest indication yet of FOX confirming that the series will not return.

Talking about the future of event series he said,

"I think that's also an evolving conversation. We didn't do terribly well with Gracepoint. We're all smarter in retrospect, but I'm not sure that can ever really have been perceived as an "event." Ultimately, as great as its British season was, the press was very aware that there was a British season and you couldn't not compare them, especially with David in both parts. And, ultimately, it boiled down to two cops found a dead child and they spent a season trying to solve that murder. Well, it's been done. We did it in The Killing [at FTVS]; True Detective did it; The Bridge did it. There was no event to that idea. So, to the extent that we're going to do events, and we will, I think they have to qualify as that."

He went on to cite the Steven Spielberg and Stephen King collaboration Under The Dome or one-off live events as the sort of projects that they would consider as events in the future.

However, while it may be bad news for loyal Gracepoint viewers, there was good news at least for David Tennant. He won the People's Choice Award for Favorite Actor In A New TV Series last night for his portrayal of Emmett Carver in Gracepoint after devoted fans voted him into first place. 

David Tennant will next be seen on TV in the USA in the second season of Broadchurch premiering on BBC America on March 4th.